Riding the train

Today the By nate los angeles team went out to explore the city by train and we found lots of fun stuff underneath the ground! Every station has their own individual look and style, expressing something unique about that place in the city.

The Universal City station celebrates the history about Campo The Cahuenga, which is a historic landmark right above. Poles on the underground platform reflects the roots and the beginning of the American West with beautiful art work! The history of the treaty of Cauhuenga is written down among all the pictures and features Captain José Antonio Carrillo, Lieutenant-Colonel John C. Frémont and Mexican Governor Andrés Pico

Hollywood and Vine station features Hollywood's golden era, honoring the famous intersection with a  public art display; original theater projectors on the platform, movie reels cover the ceiling, notes are crafted in steel down the rails of the stairway, while hand drawn tiles are on the walls throughout the station.

As we stepped out onto the platform of the Hollywood & Highland station we were met with some beautiful soothing music, and right there in the middle of the platform we found the young man responsible for creating this wonderful sound with the harp he was playing on! What a treat! Words can't describe how peaceful it was enjoying a solo harp concert under the ground of a busy city, it has to be experienced! Maybe he will be there next time you enter the platform of the Hollywood & Highland station as well.

Walk up to the next level of the Hollywood & Highland station, and you can vie Chris Jordans "Intolerable beauty"photo images of piles of not-so beautiful remains of mass consumption, displayed as a quote; "visual reminder of the roles we all play in America's unsustainable culture"

The North Hollywood station displays a tile wall selection of Amelia Earharts flight, including her fligth-map.

We spent most of our time on these stations, enjoying the art and the music, and practicing some safe and considerate moves; follow all guidelines and rules posted on the stations, and be respectful towards other travelers.

If you and your kid get totally train crazy after a ride like this then you should visit http://www.redtri.com/los-angeles/5-great-places-in-los-angeles-to-take-your-train-crazy-kid 
-By nate los angeles team -