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This blog is kid friendly and is therefore  as simple as possible and includes a lot of pictures. A picture tells more than 140 characters:) 

We value self-esteem, confidence building and life-enriching  moments and activities. We do  feature articles about child development, but most of the time our articles are small paragraphs where we blog about small activities that are either free or of very low cost. We want everyone to be able to be inspired. Only other requirement for our activities; they must encourage healthy growth:)

We don't sell advice or courses. The only thing we sell is T-shirts, but you don't' have to buy one to read our can eye ours if you'd like:)   We really do want everyone to practice their moves though....If you live in the LA area and would like to be curious together and connect with your community...then e-mail us and we can hit the streets together:)

By nate los angeles is inspired by a young, energetic, creative and curious LA kid who loves everyone and everything except spiders, flies and monsters...and have some incredible moves! BTW....the moves are incorporated into most daily activities, and applied in a positive and inclusive way. Several times a week the By nate los angeles team is on the move around the city to be curious together and explore all the fun, educational and amazing things that are out there. Be inspired and Practice Your Moves!

We focus on moments and opportunities, and look for it everywhere....every moment that brings any opportunity that will inspire us to learn, grow, be inclusive and feel joy. Hopefully we will inspire you to be curious and open minded as well.

We mostly blog about small or big actualities and moments that we either stumble upon while moving around the city, or actively seek out to be connected with our community.


In the urban home of this young energetic LA kid there was always a lot of action due to his creative moves and strong will to always be part of everything that was taking place. This set the stage for lots of interaction, pictures and mostly fun times........we must admit that sometimes the grown-ups in the house were to tired to follow all his curiosity, ideas and to-dos'.....but still, mostly fun times. To make a long story short, he was honored with a T-shirt with one of his moves printed on the front and a statement printed on the back. During this time he was also practicing writing his letters...and even his letters looked like they were moving and dancing. These letters were put together to become "by nate los angeles" on a label, and sewn on the T-shirt. The shirt got lots of attention when he was wearing it; people would comment and ask about the print and the statement. He was shy, but very proud....and everyone connected so positive with him because of that shirt! This inspired us to take it one step further; don't ever be tired of all this moving curiosity! Why not make it into something for other kids to be inspired by as well, and maybe even connect with each other? And so "by nate los angeles" was born. Our goal is to keep the moving, curious, open minded spirit hip and cool and inspire everyone to Practice Those Moves!
- By nate los angeles team -