Fearless Fashion

High-end is no longer a single rule in fashion. It's now so much more about individual style and about showcasing your personality. Wearing top-to-toe designer brand no longer necessarily defines you, if that's important to you,  but a good mix of designers, labels and brands does! This makes up a great recipe for a curious, open minded, hip and cool spirit, and enables you to really feel the energy from what you are wearing. Just imagine if you walk around in a robe or your pj's all day, you risk not getting to  much energy, I know I wouldn't. Or imagine the opposite, when you put on a dress or a suit for a party, you kind of boost your party time energy. For me it's like that with everything I wear, and I always think it's kind of boring when people are stashed up with all top brands or designers  I guess that's why I like this new fashion era, where so much is possible and the rules have widened and the mix and match is fun end energetic. Be a little fearless, build your confidence and flourish with that energy!