Then vs. Now: How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?

How much have teenagers changed during the course of a generation ? Teenagers from 1982 have grown up and some may now have their own teenage kids. How much are today's kids like their parents were? If we compared a teenager today from a teenager 30 years ago, what differences would we see?
Cool Infographic below, courtesy of Best Education Degrees
Then vs Now: How Things Have Changed from 1982 to 2012
Through a brief looking glass, we would see that the average teenager today is more ready to practice safe sex. They are also listening to different music and using their iPads and iPods. Cigarette use and marijuana use is down from 30 years ago, experts report. The percentage of teenagers getting a driver's license is also down. Only 43 percent of teens are likely to currently have their license, verses a much higher rate of 52 percent 30 years ago.
Have teenagers changed all that much over the course of a generation? Yes, they have. They're listening to different music, more are getting ready to go to college and continue their education, and 50 percent are currently enrolled in a foreign language course.