It Can't Be Any Other Way

As some of you already know, we spend lots and lots of time on the streets. For those of you who have followed us on our past couple of months' ventures in LA, you'v seen us Kickin' it, Chillin' it, playing, dancing  and exploring. And you now know that it is all part of the beats of the is how we communicate, get to know people and get inspired.

For the past week we have featured some of the different ways street artists paint or decorate the city of LA. How they put color and life to the urban environment....and for us ...create a picture of time in the city, and make us feel connected.

But how does this connect to a clothing brand? Well....for us it does. It is how we identify and can stay true to our statement "urban street brand".  It is how we decide what fabric we choose and which techniques to  feature to give the garment a true street feeling.....not only a cool graphic print or some ripped jeans....but the entire feel of the garment must be transformed from the streets via the streets. That's just the way it's gotta can't be any other way.