From the streets of LA

From artist Brainwash. Photo credit to @ ing_rid

Guerrilla street art is as common in LA as long stretched limousines. It is mostly meant to shake things up a little, call attention to social issues, and to be an eyeopener to force you to take a second look and question the existing environment. But it is also used by artists to draw attention to their work. However you want to look at it, it is art, and it sure makes us shut off our autopilot, step out of our daily routine and notice what's around us. We just love, love, love the way artists paint and decorate the city of LA. How they put color and life to the urban environment......and for us creates a picture of time in the city, and make us feel connected. Stencil art is now on the sidewalk on almost every block, and the paper-mache's and defaced Billboard's are becoming more and more common, even though they are harder to catch an image of; the city art grabbers with SUV's and ladders are very quick at removing them. Here are some pics from different artists contributions around LA.
  Bunker Hills, Downtown LA.

From the artist JR  who is known for his large photographs that "highlight humanist matters that are often overlooked." In these two pieces he teamed up with Vhils, who is best known for his way of manipulating surfaces. JR pasted the portraits while Vhils scratched the surface. Together they created these two amazing pieces on two buildings on Spring street Downtown LA. JR shoots at 28 millimeter, and paper project onto buildings. He believes his work gives the people in his photos a voice not normally heard. JR won the 2011 TED price, which honors individuals who leads humanitarian efforts.

These two buildings face each other, only separated by a parking lot, and these two images inspired our "Scratched Surface Tee's", where we carefully treated the tees' surface with a sanding technique, making it a bit raw and vintage looking, while thee screen print silhouette appears almost paved like the face on the portrait.

Street art inspires the way we dress in LA. Here's Nate with a laid back cool look, strolling Melrose in his Scratched Surface Krump tee and all tatted up with kids tattoos:) His Eyes Cream Shades adds some extra coolness and color to the outfit, and the Dolce Gabbana sandals are comfortable for a street hike on a hot day.    
The not-so-famous, but to us very inspiring art on Temple street. Nate loves the "Wall Of Unity". We made sure he was ready to run the entire block that stretches this wall and he was wearing his Scratched Surface Krump tee  and Prada suede shoes, perfect for a quick run for fun:). The shorts are from GAP kids.
Nate as a cartoon:)
Stencil art. Photo credit @ ing_rid