Hollywood Christmas parade

We promised we would post some pictures from the Hollywood Christmas parade. The annual parade, which was created in 1928, features various celebrities among it's participants, and we bring Nathaniel every year. Among thousands of other people, we camp out early to get a good view. All bundled up with warm clothes, comfortably sitting on chairs and enjoying snacks, we build up excitement and have fun the entire time!
With most of the gear close at hand, Nate is ready for the parade!
The front line of the parade, was first responders from 9/11 World Trade Towers, LAPD and LAFD. A pretty cool sight!
Celebrities from movies, TV-shows and cartoons rolled down Hollywood Blvd, spreading the Christmas spirit, and last, but not least was Santa himself! These were just a few of all the participant in the more then 2 hour long parade.