On the campus

The entire outfit from our day at Royce Hall. It was such a crispy clear day, so we spent some time hanging around the fabulous UCLA campus as well.

Imagining ambushing pirates!

Having the must fun with this part of the shoot!

Let's realize it...at the end of the day, this is what kids are all about.....getting down and in to everything! We can dress them up all we want, but the shirt will not stay tucked in. And that's fantastic; let it flow, along with the constant stream of a kids creative mind!
 Classic Collection shirt. 
Young Versace jeans.
H&M jacket
Ray-Ban kids shades
Palladium boots.
By nate beanie.
Note: The shirt is from JP's "Classic Collection". We found it at Iguana Vintage in Hollywood, but unfortunately we have not had any luck in locating it anywhere else. The jacket is from H&M in Norway. Not sure if they carry it in the US.