Peter Pan at Pantages Theater in Hollywood

We went to see Peter Pan at the Pantages Theater the other day. The entire cast put on an awesome performance, but Cathy Rigby is by far something out of this world! I guess we can state that she will just not grow up....which made her the perfect Peter Pan. She is still like a teen at age 60! Nate was in a sense of awe during the entire performance.....from the opening moment when Peter comes flying high through the window and all across the stage, to the final scene when he was flying right above us, generously sprinkling and sharing his fairy dust. And not to forget when all 300 something audiences' yells;  "I believe, I believe, I believe!!" to save Tinkerbell. Gave us some fantastic moments, and by that, memories to pull from as we go about our daily lives.

We had great seats, and were able to see each performer work this happy message from Neverland:)

Pantages Theater is a historic landmark, and truly a masterpiece of architecture! We were not allowed to take pictures during the performance, but we took this one photo of the stage just before they started. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos  My camera did not capture the best light inside the building.