Welcome to The Hotel California

Prepping for Oscars we took Nate back to The Golden Age of Hollywood. Best known as "The Hotel California", since its lobby's appearance on the back cover of the Eagles' Hotel California, The Lidos Apartments stands on a prime location just steps away from Hollywood Blvd. With a long and interesting history tied to the entertainment history, you simply cannot live in Hollywood without getting to know The Lidos'. Film and song have fed its legend, and the building has served as a swank hotel, a theatrical way station and a retreat for dancers and writers. The interior is beautiful and vintage, with the Main lobby almost like a center cave; all white arches and black chandeliers. With long squeaky hallways, we were up for a fun visit, with history and ghost stories awaiting around every corner! Just like in the song, the Lido story states that "some tenants do not last......while some cannot leave".