Venture With Me details

Noticed what the hat does to this outfit? Street smart....or.....
.......choose sophisticated.

We are all drivers of our own life. Don't late anybody take your wheel.

Pants are from Red Head and bought at Iguana Vintage in Hollywood. We did some custom touches to them and made them into a mix of jogging/harem pants. Nate's diggin' the comfy fit and I'm diggin' the way they look; in addition to the fit, the pattern is not the common camo style pattern. It has a mix of snakeskin in it! Jacket is Levis and also from Iguana Vintage. T-shirt from Zara Shades from Ray Ban, shoes from Converse, gambler hat from Eddie Bros, and Hot Chilly Pepper necklace from By Nate  Choose your street beats, and dance like there's no tomorrow!