Overalls; one-piece-jeans

Fashion always reinvents itself, and turning up on the spring runways were the overalls; the one-piece-jeans. We buckled up, and Nate created a knock-out look, rocking his pair street-style!  It can realy be hard to style, cause a 5 year old don't want to look like a 2 year old, and doing it street-style you got to move away from the farm look, and you don't want it to seem like you'r ready for a carpenter job. I would have preferred a pair of Converse chucks for this style, and even one of his hand made beanies,but Nate insisted on his sandals, and no hats! (He said we can do it your-way-another-day) Either way it is a laid-back, young, wild and free kind of style, and even with lack of the two timeless and classic street items like chucks and beanies, we got lots of thumbs-up from the streets of LA