Summer days

Nothing's quite like summer days at the island summer house. As I described in an earlier post; Summer days are just long and friendly at Lyngør. They are filled with crab fishing,  treasure hunts, laying in the grass or picking berries. Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with great-grandma and pa' in their summer house across the lawn, reading books, listening to music, taking the boat out to go swimming and fishing, or barbecue on the rocky sea-shore. In Norway, the sun shines until 10:00-11:00 pm. in June/July, which makes the days stretch really long. You can be out swimming and forget that it is 10:00 pm at night!  With weeks of sunshine, summer 2013 was just right 

Picking berries.
There are no streets on Lyngør, all transportation is by boat, so when you order for store delivery, a little boat arrives with your items. 
Going shopping to the main island


Crab fishing

Ready cooked!

Treasure hunt.

When summer days are long and lazy like this, the moments are many
And when the moments are many, memories are created, impressed in our minds, and stored like a stamp.