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City pirate. Freedom warrior (Django), Neighborhood Watch, Kaweenga Indian, Untamed-bad-boy. Dressing not-so-mainstream, bringing the Frock Coat, the hats, scarfs and the feathers to the streets, as part of who you are, not only for dress-up and parties. Nate lives for dressing up, and him and I have had tons of fun the past year. We walked the paths of the Kaweenga Native Americans. We played Freedom Warriors, Wild-Wild-West, Sophisticated Rebels and City Pirates among some other things.....all on the city streets. We'v learned history, met new friends and found places we love and keep going back to. We picked some favorites as part of our own memory book. Here's a few of them.
Django: Freedom Warrior
 Not elaborate.....but all eyes on you.
 Sopisticated Rebel.

Untamed-bad-boy. Best-of-street-style.
 Kaweenga Indian.
Django: Freedom Warrior. 
 City Pirate.
 Neighborhood Watch.
 Wear the hats!
 Wear the hats!
2013 Wild-Wild-West
2013 Wild-Wild-West