By nate was 2 the first time he read out loud by himself : "Food4Less" and "McDonald's"; colorful, big and easy signs we saw all the time:)  He was 3 when he created his own logo; By nate los angeles, and 4 when he launched his own brand:)

Did you know that the time before your child starts talking is the most important time for their verbal development? Reading for your children contributes to the improvement of their language skills; start reading early for your child, read often and read in a way that will help them recognize what you are reading.

For a newborn rhymes and riddles are great. Read with a soft and melodic voice, and after a couple of weeks you will notice that your child will pay attention by studying your face. Practicing this will help nourish the child's brain towards the language rhythm and form. During the first few months use picture books with bright colors, clear patterns and even sound to keep the book interesting.

Continue using picture books as the child grows, and as it hits toddler stage let the child turn the pages, go back and forth and by that decide its own tempo and direction. Interactive books with elements they can move or push are often very useful. If your child gets bored and wish to walk around, let them, but continue reading out loud while they are busy exploring.

Throughout the toddler years look for opportunities to read everywhere. Start using recognizable signs around your neighborhood; point, read out loud and watch your toddler learn:) Practice those moves!
-By nate los angeles team -