Children: Life's Greatest Entertainment

A guest post by Samet Bilir.

I've been to a lot of weddings recently and have found that the general consensus among brides and grooms is to wait awhile before having children so that they can have fun. I am not sure any more what fun is unless it involves my children. Hasn't anyone bothered to tell these newly married individuals that kids are one of the only forms of entertainment they may have as they get older? What else on earth can offer a little bit of comedy in virtually any room in your home?

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I have found that as you enter the married world, you no longer are eligible for the single scene fun any more. All of your single friends tend to make excuses and don't seem to have time to go out that much. There is this stigma attached to being married, and when you start feeling as though it is dragging you down and you don't have any fun anymore, than it is time to procreate.
Children are by far one of life's more fascinating forms of entertainment, and besides the thousands you spend raising them, fairly cheap entertainment too. Since my wife and I have kids we have not spent even one day in boredom. Let me give you a few examples and you will soon see that life in my house is never dull.
The other day while attending my son's baseball game, my five-year-old went to use the porta-potty. She came out a little upset that the soap did not work. Now I knew from an earlier trip to the bathroom that each blue toilet was equipped with a hand dispenser filled with antibacterial gel. I followed my daughter back into the porta-potty only to discover that she had attempted to "wash" her hands with a little white round bar of soap that I promptly recognized as the urinal tablet. I was at first truly disgusted - using more than the recommended amount of hand gel, and later came to realize what an amusing story it was to pass around to all of our friends.
Incidents such as this are not the only way we parents amuse ourselves. We also have children who when they are angry, spell at you. Yes spell! I know it doesn't sound very funny now, but when the child in question hasn't actually learned to spell yet, it can be quite hilarious. It has also become a very effective tool for teaching my child proper spelling.
There are also children who get stuck in odd places. In laundry baskets, under beds, in closets, and sometimes even on the toilet. This amusing phenomenon also extends to getting things stuck to or in them. This might include erasers or sponges in noses, 10 for the price of a penny dvd stickers on their chests, gum in their hair, and even the occasional turtleneck that just does not want to come off from around their heads.

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I have to say that my favorite funny moment is to walk into the baby's room to find one my children covered in lotion and then sprinkled with baby powder to make a body paste all her own. Which of course she is very proud of.
I tell these stories to my newly married or engaged friends and wonder why they decide to wait to have children, or not have children at all. I mean without my children and all the quirky things they do I would be at the movies and going out to nice restaurants with my friends. Where's the fun in that?

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