Street Piano's In LA!

A street piano is a piano placed in the street which passerby's are encouraged to play. Play Me I'm Yours was started by artist Luke Jerram who placed pianos in various cities to encourage people to play music in public without special arrangements. Since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours  has toured internationally and placed more then 500 pianos in cities across the world. Most of the pianos are decorated by local artist's or the local community.

For three weeks now Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra brings Play Me, I’m Yours to Los Angeles. Thirty pianos, designed and decorated by local artists and community organizations, are featured across Los Angeles County and are available for everyone to play. 

We went and found a Play Me I'm Yours piano decorated by Oscar Magallanes who is a local artist with a design firm built on the principle of education and empowerment through art and design. Brought us some true joy! You can find out where you can locate a piano and engage with your urban environment by visiting

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