Japanese selvage denim jean. Model "UnderConstruction"

First edition By Nate Japanese selvage denim jeans finally saw light today. Japanese selvage denim is the finest and most rare on the market.The immense care put into the detailing of this unique denim fabric, from the raw material to the weaving, dying and stitching, creates a jean of exceptional quality. We are so pleased with how our team created this final product, and so excited to wear it around town! We could hardly wait, and took it for a test run outside. For a slim fit it was very flexible and did not affect sitting, or slow down running and jumping....even though we could have used some slowing down for this kid!! But hey, he's happy so we'r happy! That's the way it goes right?

The fit and finish is made for us, so you might have a hard time finding it anywhere else!

Made in USA.

Silicon rinsed with carefully selected ph water value, makes the fabric very soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Kids are always constructing something, and need to be able to move and be comfortable, even when they are dressed to be hip!
On this one, the ripped pocket has the American flag underneath. You can choose between this flag, the LA, NY, or Miami skyline. The choice is yours! We might even add a few other skylines if you ask! Chicago maybe? Even though we love the west coast, we are all about a united fun way!
Internal adjustable elastic waistband makes for room to grow.

Also wearing By nate tee' and "My Beats' chain from our Sandra Lyng collection