Key Pieces

To add some pop and a bit of impression to the somewhat cool and laid back urban-tee' look, we wanted chunky, chainy', a tiny bit oversized, strong and fun pieces, without taking it way to the top. We wanted key pieces that add to a character and at the same time express something that somewhat has a purpose. For us the "Patrollin'" necklace symbolizes creating a great pattern   while the "My Beats" plays the beats of the streets. For you and your kids it might mean something totally different, or it's simply just an added cool pop! No matter what it means, you can now incorporate one of this seasons hottest trends to your kids wardrobe; pile on statement pieces!

All products are LED free.
Patrollin' $10. Free shipping within USA.

My Beats $10. Free shipping within the USA.

My Homies. $10. Free shipping within the USA

Yellow Six String $12. Free shipping within USA.

Who Let The Dogs Out $15. Free shipping within the USA