Advent Calendar

Our favorite, and this is how we do it. Wrap the little gifts like this and place them on a shelf. Found the idea here
Found this one here. They also had some great tips on what to think about before you decide to start a gift-calendar

This one is actually for sale here

Another favorite, but Nate is to small for the once that contains the gifts placed around like this. He would start pulling them out and take the wrong day.....or open more than one at a time.

Chocolate Calendar from Trader Joe's

Just a few years back we had to really shop around to find advent calendars here in CA. We could hardly find them anywhere!  It's a lot easier now, and we find the chocolate version in almost every supermarket. We usually by the chocolate one at Trader Joe's. We also make a simple gift calendar, because grandma and mom grew up with the gift-calendars for the advent season, so it has become a tradition for us. They are also very decorative and creates a nice atmosphere around the house. The gifts we use are just small items from farmer-markets, flea-markets or the 99 cent store. Do you have a advent calendar?