Queen Mary "Chill" A Holiday themed Winter Wonderland

Get ready for a chilling 7 degrees Fahrenheit - which is minus 13.9 Celsius - experience! The coats are provided at the entrance to "Ice Kingdom", which was the main attraction for Nate.

Everything is made out of ice, even this entrance. 
Walk through ice caves and tunnels to get to the fairy-tale caste and Santa's toy-land.

Queen Mary, 24 foot-tall ice sculpture.
Slide down an ice caved slide from the Queen Mary Promenade deck.

Comfortable couches invites you to sit down and enjoy an outside evening with food and live music.
Happy Holidays to all our readers!

This chilling activity has been at the top of our list since it opened in November, and a few days back we finally went! We had so much fun, and all bundled up in those cozy, warm coats, we enjoyed every cool bit of the enchanted Ice Kingdom. Back outside of the dome, we hung out in Holiday-Village, walking down candy-lane, listening to live music, eating, ice skating, and meeting with Santa!