Capture it

Jacket here T-shirt here Necklace here Shoes here. Jeans are custom made Japanese selvage 

Jeans here Shoes here We found the jacket at a thrift store, but you can get a similar one here

Shorts here Shoes here Similar hoodie here
T-shirt here Jeans here
T-shirt here Jeans here We got the hat in a souvenir store, and found it hard to get online. It's a plain LA hat....not a sports team hat. But you can get LA sports team hats online.
T-shirt here. Shorts here
Pants here. Long sleeve here. T-shirt here. Hat is custom made, but can be pre-ordered

Life is a journey. Make sure you capture it! Fashion is all about the latest and most admired style in clothes,accessories, activities and behavior. For kids, clothes and accessories are fun, and we style them up for different occasions. Seek out fun activities or places to visit, put it all together and you have a great journey, with lots of moments to grow from, and to remember and treasure. Make sure you capture  it!