Tracy Watts

The roaring 20s was maybe the loudest and brightest decades of all. Prosperity, gangsters, the Charleston  and shorter skirts for the girls are just a few of numerous and often startling images of the 1920s. Men's clothing often symbolized power and authority, and with the help of a mens hat from Tracy Watts, we gave Nate some power  of his own, and brought him back to the 20s.....all though, with a red skulls & bones tie and his Ash shoes, Nate added his own little twist of "back to the future". He insisted that these items had to come along and be part of the shoot, even though they are from our modern day fashion scene. But we had lots of fun, tossing pennies and running around on the street.

Since 1993, Tracy Watts has been designing the most fantastic women and men's hats.  Hats that are meant to give a finishing touch to an attire; classic's with a twist. I am convinced that any little boy would love her mens hats!
No doubt that the hat adds power to this look!

Turning the hat around creates a more rascal kind of look. Ready to toss pennies and running the streets!