Cahuenga Blvd is one of our top favorite Blvd's in Hollywood, with lots of great places to eat or just sit at a coffee-bar and people watch. But there are lots more to Cahuenga than eateries and coffee-bars. The name comes from the Native American village Kaweengna, home to an Indian tribe from the Gabrielo-Tongva Indians. 

Nate loves dressing up with Indian accesories, and with just a few added items, he transformed his regular hiking outfit and truly became a Chief for the day. So we headed out and walked in the middle of what used to be part of the main trail for the Kaweengna tribe, and the short cut for travelers coming and going to LA.

Please note that the Gabrielos', as well as other American Indians, are people with a past, as well as a present and a future.

As we learned some history, Nate was Kaweengna Chief for the day
The trail is in walking distance from Cahuenga Blvd.
 All the way up in the hills, the trail is green and lush, with real western looking rock sides.

 A perfect view of the surrounding "villages"; Hollywood Dell and Whitley Heights.
 A close up view of the city of Hollywood......
....and the rugged Western wilderness that are still a beautiful part of Hollywood Hills.
 Many homes are now nestled in these hills.......
........... and along the hill side.