Sneak peek of hats

A hat adds character and life to any outfit, and at the same time, it's so timeless! I L.O.V.E. hats, and style Nate in them all the time.  Knitted, felt, suede or leather, we find a way to wear them. Tight, loose, on the back of the head or down on the all depends on how you choose to feature  it, what style you want to channel and which character you wish to develop. I rarely style a top with a hat. The hat is the center, and from there I style down. Meaning; I don't necessarily look for a hat that can style a t-shirt, but rather a t-shirt that can style the hat. But kids and hats can sometimes be a challenge, since not all hats are comfortable to wear, specially beanies!  So in 2012 we developed our first collection of  "by nate los angeles" knitted beanies. Ribbed, knitted texture, handmade for uniqueness, made of 55 % merino wool and 45 % cotton. Merino wool is some of the finest, softest wool to be found, and it's ability to draw sweat away from the skin, makes it a perfect fit for year round wear. Which is a must for a Calikid!

Machine wash in cold water or a wool program if your machine has one. We do not recommend any softener. Lay flat to dry.

In 2012 we made a few of the hats with our logo. I am not a big fan of logos myself, so they are now logo
Different ways of wearing a hat: Loosely on the top of the head, maybe to protect from the sun.....
.....on the back of the head  for a slouch fit, low profile style......
......or down on the forehead, cuffed and warm on the ears.

The texture of the hats, makes the fit and styling your choice. Cuff it or slouch it any way you wish!