Up when the sun rise

Hiking to one of the tops, viewing Skagerak, an arm of the North Sea. You can set sail and arrive Denmark on the other side.

On his way to another top.

Kids on vacation don't sleep in, they get up and enjoy all the beats a place has to offer! Nate's up by sunrise and for the rest of the day, every stick and stone is turned upside down....just wont miss a thing! We briefly introduced you to Lyngør in our previous post. It's set on a group of islands on the south east coast of Norway. There are no roads, only promenades and trails.... and no cars in this historic community. It is honored by UNESCO as a "World Heritage Place". Everyone uses boat to travel between islands and the main land. Nate and his mom has a summer house here, where the beats are totally different from the streets of LA, but it's a play ground filled with laid-back, relaxed summer fun! Hikes and picnics on the rocky islands, boat trips to visit friends, fishing trips, eating at the seaside restaurants and having ice cream at the general store.Summer days are just long and friendly at Lyngør